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External economic activity

The Murmansk region is an export-oriented region, net export is 75 % from the whole trade turnover of the Murmansk region. Foreign trade turnover of the Murmansk region in 2013 totaled 2981,9 mln dollars (export - 2516,1 mln dollars and import – 634,4 mln dollars), that is 2,9% from the total foreign trade turnover in the North-West Federal District. The foreign trade turnover decreased in 5 % in comparison to 2012. The export commodity structure of the Murmansk region has a strong raw-material and mineral orientation. Metals, mineral resources and chemical products are at the first position in the import commodity. In 2013 enterprises, established in the Murmansk region, carried out external trade with foreign partners from 71 countries. Main trade partners are non-CIS countries: its share in the foreign trade turnover is 99,6%, CIS countries – 0,4 %. The major trade partners of the Murmansk region are the Netherlands (37,7 %), Finland (10,6%) China (11,4 %), Norway (8%).