In 2016 foreign trade turnover of the Murmansk region amounted to USD 2 857.1 million, that is 4.5% of the foreign trade turnover of the Northwestern federal district.

Export of the Murmansk region is 7.7% of all exports in the Northwestern federal district, import of the Murmansk region is 1.2% of all imports in the Northwestern federal district.

In 2016 foreign trade turnover increased by 11% as compared to 2015, at the same time value of export increased by 12%, and value of import increased by 8%.

The Murmansk region is an export oriented region. Export of goods makes 86 % of the total amount of trade turnover.

Main trade partners are non-CIS countries, their share in the foreign trade turnover is  97%.

In 2016 companies in the Murmansk region were engaged in trade with 75 countries. The major trade partners are Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Finland (62.8% of the total value of trade turnover).

246 companies engaged in foreign trade registered in the Murmansk region took part in foreign trade operations (116 of them exported goods, 163 – imported goods) in 2016.

Export of goods from the Murmansk region 

The export commodity structure of the Murmansk region has a strong raw-material orientation. Metals, mineral resources and chemical products are at the first position in the export commodity.

Import of goods into the Murmansk region

Engineering goods are at the first place to be imported into the Murmansk region, the second place is given to the metals, products of chemical industry are at the third place.