Social policy is being implemented by the Ministry of Social Development and Labour of the Murmansk Region.

Social policy in the region is aimed at:

  • Social protection, including social safety of families, women and children;
  • Social services, including services at home and at the social institutions;
  • Provision of social assistance for veterans; for dismissed from military service and for members of their families; for elderly and disabled people; for rehabilitees and victims of the political repressions;
  • Guardianship of disabled adults;
  • Normative legal regulation in the field of social and labor relations (social partnership, salaries, conditions and protection of labor).

Net of the Murmansk Regional Soсial Institutions:

 32 affiliates:

  • 8 institutions aimed at social support of the population;
  • 24 care-giving institutions including 7 stationary institutions, 1 special house for elderly people, 14 complex centers providing social services, one special institution for minors that need social rehabilitation, center of social care for family and children.

Every year approximately 1700 people are receiving social services at hospitals and more than 48000 people – at the institutions of the complex social services.

On the whole by means of the social institutions net has being provided 85 social services and 57 of them in the form of cash payments.


On the whole 34 % of the population of the Murmansk region is registered at the regional institutions providing social services. It means that practically every third citizen of the Murmansk region receives different measures of the social support on the preferential basis.

Development of the Murmansk regional social sphere

There has being implemented a range of social services aimed at support of families with low profits.

The implementation of targeting principles on the basis of estimation of citizen’s needs allows setting up programs of social partnership.

For the last years there has been done a serious step in development of IT-services. Murmansk region is one of the regions where has been created and has been operating unified information system «Electronic social register» installed in all regional social institutions.

The range of social services  provided by the social institutions has been enlarged:

  • Department of social services provided at home;
  • Service «Social Taxi»;
  • «Home nurses»;
  • «Mobile social brigade» that allows to receive all social services for people from remote areas. 

Ministry has been implementing the program «Improving of health of the population of the Murmansk region». Every year Ministry provides more than 600 citizens older than 70 with services involving health promotion and recreation.

In 2012 was established the regional donation: «Maternity capital» that totals now 104500 rubles. The major difference from the federal donation is that it could be given for several times after birth of the third and subsiquent child.

Last year due to the Decree of the President of Russia has started social program aimed at granting ownership of land for large families.

From the beginning of 2013 there was established payment after birth of the third and subsequent child that totals 9365 rubles per months – the biggest sum among other regions in the North-West of Russia.

For the second year there has been implemented program aimed at support of the socially oriented non-profit organizations, has been developed co-financing scheme  of their activities from the regional budget (8,5 mln rubles per year). In 2012 such financial support was obtained by 25 organizations and in 2013 – 29.