Berezhnyi Konstantin Nikolayevich
Chairman of the Committee on Labour and Employment of the Murmansk Region

Address: Knipovicha, 48, 183039 Murmansk

Phone: +7 8152 234 915


The main objectives of the Committee are:

  • Providing state services in employment to the public;
  • assisting citizens in finding suitable jobs, and employer in finding needed employees;
  • social benefits to unemployed citizens;
  • career advice to unemployed citizens;
  • psychological assistance to unemployed citizens;
  • professional training, retraining and qualification upgrade for unemployed citizens;
  • organising paid community service for the public;
  • involving and employing foreign employees;
  • assistance to unemployed citizens in moving and relocation to other areas for employment;
  • organising temporary employment for minors aged from 14 to 18 when out of studies;
  • organising temporary employment for unemployed citizens having problems with finding jobs;
  • organising temporary employment for unemployed graduates of initial and secondary professional education institutions, aged from 18 to 20 and looking for a job for the first time;
  • social adaptation of citizens on the labour market;
  • organising vacancy and internment fairs;
  • assisting in self-employment of unemployed citizens;
  • information about the state of the labour market.
  • Control over state guarantees in employment of the public and over registration of disabled people as unemployed;
  • Implementation of the programme “Assistance in relocation of nationals living abroad to the Murmansk Region”;
  • Development of a human resources balance sheet.