Kasatkin Aleksey Evgenievich
Chair of the Committee Veterinary Committee of the Murmansk Region

Address: Karla Marksa, 25a, 183025 Murmansk

Phone: +7 8152 686 830

Fax: +7 8152 686 808

Email: komvet@gov-murman.ru

The main objectives of the Committee are:

  • Prevention and elimination of communicable and other diseases of animals on the territory of Murmansk region;
  • Ensuring the safety of animal products in the veterinary and sanitary requirements in the territory of the Murmansk region;
  • Protection of the population of the Murmansk region from diseases common to humans and animals, except for the issues attributed to the competence of the Russian Federation;
  • Implementation of the state veterinary supervision and control on the territory of Murmansk region;
  • Monitoring the quality and safety of products, control of the state veterinary supervision;
  • Control of activity of specialists in the field of veterinary medicine;
  • Coordination, regulation and control within its competence, the activities of subordinate agencies, including;
  • Control over the organization and conduct of anti-epizootic, veterinary and diagnostic and treatment activities;
  • Oversee the organization of paid veterinary services, as well as the correctness of the charge;
  • Control of compliance of the quality institutions of services conform to established quality standards;
  • Financial control and control over the use of property The Murmansk region;
  • Implementation of development and approval of the regional anti-epidemic plan;
  • The exercise of powers of the Russian Federation in the field of veterinary medicine, transferred public authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation, namely:
    • Establishment of restrictive measures (quarantine) on the territory of Murmansk region;
    • Abolition of restrictive measures (quarantine) on the territory of Murmansk region.