Nikipelova Alexandra Andreevna
Deputy Governor of the Murmansk region – Minister of digital development of the Murmansk region

Address: Lenina, 75, 183006 Murmansk

Phone: +7 8152 486 250

Fax: +7 8152 486 471


The main objectives of the Ministry are:

  • Implementation of the state policy in IT enhancement in the Murmansk region in accordance with the principles of the “electronic government” and the Strategy for development of information society in the Russian federation;
  • Coordination of activities of executive state authorities of the Murmansk Region in using information and communication technologies;
  • Implementation of the state policy in the administrative reform in the Murmansk Region, improving quality and accessibility of state services as well as reducing administrative barriers in certain activities by regulation and optimisation of state services (functions) and development and implementation of interdepartmental interaction systems including those based in multifunctional centres;
  • Implementation of the state policy in archiving in the Murmansk Region;
  • Legal, guideline, informational and organizational support of events implemented in accordance with objectives set for the Ministry within limits of its authority.