Sandurskiy Vladislav Vladimirovich
Deputy Governor of the Murmansk region – Minister of Сonstruction of the Murmansk region

Address: Perovskoi, 2, 183016 Murmansk

Phone: +7 8152 486 235

Fax: +7 8152 486 371


Twitter: @minstroy51

The main objectives of the Ministry are:

  • Develop and implement regional state policies in construction and urban development.
  • State regulation activities relevant to the present-day economic circumstances and aimed at improving organisational structures, forms and methods of management and boosting investment in building and construction;
  • Coordinate activities of enterprises and organisations in implementing strategic activities of regional development as regards construction and architecture including measures set forth in annual action plans of the Murmansk Region Government;
  • Organise interaction of regional executive state authorities with federal executive state authorities and municipal units as regards crucial activities in investment, construction, architecture and urban development;
  • Participate in development and implementation of concepts, forecasts and targeted regional and federal programmes;
  • Prevent, identify and terminate violations of technical regulations (norms and rules), the Russian Federation legislation, other regulatory acts and design documentation in the process of building, reconstruction, major repairs of capital construction facilities by the developer, ordering party or building contractor of the developer or the ordering party;
  • Control compliance with the urban development legislation by local governance bodies of the Murmansk Region.