Shinkarchuk Gleb Grigorievich
Minister of the Interior of the Murmansk Region

Address: Polyarnie Zori, 46,a 183025 Murmansk

Phone: +7 8152 445 979

Fax: +7 8152 426 203


The main objectives of the Ministry are:

  • Assistance to development of institutes of civil society, implementation of measures for state support of public associations;
  • Ensuring youth involvement in social practices and awareness of the potential of self-development;
  • Development of creative and intellectual potential of young people;
  • Promoting active citizenship of young people;
  • Promotion of family values in the youth environment;
  • Prevention of drug addiction and alcoholism among minors and youth;
  • Promote the formation and improvement of level of consciousness youth;
  • Implementation of measures on prevention of child neglect and juvenile delinquency;
  • Development of interregional and international cooperation in the sphere of interaction with public organizations and youth policy.