Minkina Victoria Yurievna
Minister of Property Relations of the Murmansk region

Address: Lenina, 75, 183006 Murmansk

Phone: +7 8152 486 960

Fax: +7 8152 451 023

Email: miomo@gov-murman.ru

The main objectives of the Ministry are:

  • Implement, on the basis of the Russian Federation law and Murmansk Region law, state policies in property and land ownership relations in the Murmansk Region;
  • Manage, within the limits of Ministry’s authority, state-owned Murmansk Region property including land plots;
  • Participate, in due procedure, in demarcation of the state ownership of land;
  • Implement regional state programmes related to regulation of property relations in terms of ownership, use and management of land plots; to the land reform and efficient use of land in the Murmansk Region;
  • Coordinate activities of executive state authorities of the Murmansk Region in management of state property;
  • Interact with territorial branches of federal state authorities in management of state property.