Chairman of the Committee for Fishery Complex of the Murmansk region held a press-conference devoted to revision of the historical principles of quotas allocation that is planned to be held in 2018.

The main topics of discussion were issues of stability preservation in the fish industry. Before the establishment of the principle of the equity quotas allocation there was stagnation in fish industry complex. In 2004 the principle of quotas allocation on the basis of previous catch was introduced. Today Murmansk region is one of the leading Russian regions in fish industry. It provides more than 8 % of the gross regional product. The level of wages in this field has increased in 9 times in comparison with 2000, also the process of fishing vessels modernization and construction has successfully started. This principle of quotas allocation gives the opportunity for fish industries to plan their business activities and eliminates the possibility of corruption. Fishermen insist on the preservation of this principles for the period after 2018 as well

Posted by: 04 November 2013