Governor Marina Kovtun: “Murmansk region is an integral part of big Olympic games in Sochi!”
Governor of the Murmansk region and Biathlon World Champion Sergey Rozhkov lighted the Olympic Cauldron on the Five Corners’ Square on the 30 th of October.
“Murmansk is the 40th city where the flame comes”. Perhaps, we will apply for The Guiness Book of Records – the Olympic flame is here in Murmansk for the third time. Today is a great day! Murmansk is an integral part of big Olympic games in Sochi!”, - said M.Kovtun. The rout of the torch relay passed the Monument for Defenders of the Soviet Arctic, the Statue for Cyril and Methodius and the courtyard of the Trifonov Pechengskogo Monastery. 82 torchbearers took part in torch relay in Murmansk. More than 300 volunteers were involved in this event.

Posted by: 07 November 2013