«The major principles of the new regional economy model should become prominent improvement of the business climate, development of the entire innovation chain, promoting of the technological rearmament of industries, introduction of the modern energy-saving and environmental technologies as well as new level of the public administration» - has pointed out the Governor. From the beginning of the 2014 starts its activity the Corporation of the Murmansk Region Development – a special body aimed at attracting of the investment resources in the regional economy. The major objectives of the Corporation are: development of the industrial infrastructure: industrial parks and technological clusters and attracting of the investors to participate in regional projects. On top of that the Plan on development of the investment projects and transport, energy, social, engineering, social, utility and telecommunication infrastructure of the region was created and is being now under the procedure of adjustment. «Our region is deeply integrated in international and cross-border cooperation. There have been successfully implemented international projects on the territory of the Murmansk region according to multilateral and bilateral intergovernmental agreements of the Russian Federation and foreign countries», – has told M. Kovtun. – «Expansion of the international cooperation is the most important issue in strengthening of the Murmansk regional economy».

Posted by: 19 November 2013