The plan will be implemented in frames of the Declaration on priorities of cooperation spheres between the Murmansk Regional Government and the Finnmark County Council. The plan reflects all the cultural and arts aspects of cooperation as well as initiatives of locals –39 projects in total. In particular, projects are concentrated on the following spheres: participation of Finnmark musicians in projects developed by the Murmansk Regional Philharmonic; participation in workshops devoted to jazz music and other modern musical directions, exchange of performing musicians and music bands. Cooperation between theaters, libraries, painters and photographers is also included in the Plan of joint activities. «An extra place has celebration of the 70-th anniversary of the fascist’s defeat in the Polar region and Finnmark liberation from the fascist’s occupation. It is also planned to hold the Days of the Murmansk Region in Finnmark», told S.Ershov. As S. Ershov said, signing of this plan means that the common experience in cultural sphere develops. It is highly important that our cultural ties are being toughened in all key aspects of cultural cooperation.

Posted by: 22 November 2013