The final conference was devoted to results of the social project implementation ”Improving efficiency of rehabilitation and social integration of handicapped children in through introduction of French methods of ergotherapy”. It was hold in the Ministry of the Labour and Social Development of the Murmansk region. «The problem of efficiency improving aimed at rehabilitation of handicapped children is vital for specialists from all over the world, as disability is a common problem for all countries. Russian specialists are always eager to adopt the best practices and ready to share their experience as well. We are linked by the common goal – to make the life of children more comfortable in the modern conditions of living», pointed out Sergey Mjakishev. This project is being implemented in the Murmansk Region since 2012 in frames of the Memorandum between the Murmansk Regional Government and Total E&P Russie on the cooperation in the social and economic spheres. Ergotherapy – is a new direction in rehabilitation, that involves educating of handicapped children to use a special equipment in their everyday needs in order to compensate lost abilities. Specialists of the Monchegorsk social center which have studied experience of French ergotherapists in France, presented at the conference results of their work that was led in the process of handicapped children rehabilitation during 2013. On the 25 th of November during the final part of the conference the Memorandum of cooperation between Monchegorsk Integrated Center for Social Services and the Ellen Poidatz pediatric rehabilitation Center (France) was signed.

Posted by: 26 November 2013