Today the first Vice-Governor of the Murmansk region A.Tukavin hold a meeting with delegation headed by the representative from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan. Japanese party was as well represented by scientific institution’s staff and administration board of Hokkaido. Japanese delegation first visited Moscow, then Murmansk in order to investigate possibilities of cargoes transportation along the Northern Sea Route. As Mr Fudzivara mentioned different Japanese organizations and officials are interested in that issue. A.Tukavin told that Murmansk region is a gateway to the Arctic: Murmansk is a platform for arctic research and Atomic fleet that provides navigation along the Northern Sea route is also based here. Vice Governor informed about plans for development of the port infrastructure and expected increase of the Murmansk Sea Port turnover. Japanese side is interested in transportation of parts and components for the car industry based in Saint-Petersburg and Kaluga by means of the Murmansk Sea Port.

Posted by: 27 November 2013