In Saint-Petersburg was held the meeting of the Council on the support maintenance for entrepreneurial and investment business headed by the Plenipotentiary in the North-West Federal District of the Russian Federation President Sergey Zimin. During the meeting was discussed the issue devoted to introduction of the Standard of executive authorities activities aimed at maintenance of favorable investment climate in the region. It was pointed out that the Murmansk region is among the leaders in that sphere are as well as the Leningradskaya and the Vologodsksaya Oblast. This Standard is being implemented since 2012 in the Murmansk region. Committee of the industrial development and entrepreneurship has worked out the roadmap timeline of the Standard introduction. That concerns the creation of infrastructure (industrial parks), introduction of legislative acts, regulation of taxes, operating of direct communicating channel between executive authorities and investors. The Committee plans to introduce till the end of 2013 the procedure for investment projects support based on the principle of the one-stop service center.

Posted by: 03 December 2013