The opening ceremony took place at the Murmansk Regional Arts Museum. «Culture and art – is a joy, beauty and a soul of people. That’s why this year has to become the most significant and the most beautiful event» - has told Marina Kovtun in her opening speech. One of the major events of the Year of Culture has become an exhibition «Romantic Russia» brought from the Tver Regional Picture Gallery. The exhibition presents XIXth century paintings and graphic arts. The Year of Culture started from the large-scale event «Night of Arts». All the regional cultural institutions were among the participants. Authentic collection of books was presented at the Murmansk State Regional Universal Scientific Library. The Murmansk Regional Arts Museum has maintained the possibility to visit any web-site of museums from all over the world. The best performances were organized by the Murmansk Regional Drama Theatre and the Murmansk Regional Puppet Theatre.

Posted by: 28 January 2014