The Conference is being hold these days in Kirkenes. The topic of Deputy Governor's speech is “Murmansk region is a region of sustainable development in the Arctic”. The Kirkenese conference was established by municipality Sør –Varanger, Barents Secretariat and company “Kirkenes Næringshage” and takes place for the seventh time now. The most current issues of the northern territories development are being under discussion now. This year more than 270 representatives from business, politics and science communities of Norway, Russia and Finland take part in the event. Grigory Straty stated in his speech that the Murmansk Regional Government considers close borders with Finland, Norway and Sweden to be a factor of competitiveness. He has reported about the measures undertaken by the Government aimed at improvement of the business and investment climate support as well as about the biggest investment projects that are being implemented in the region. Foreign participants were interested with measures of support that are provided for investors in the Murmansk region. Head of the Norwegian company "Hurtigruten" Daniel Sheldem has shown a great interest concerning the project «Arctic Harbor». He made an emphasis in his speech that Murmansk Regional Government suggestion concerning route extension for Norwegian cruise liners can effect positively on development of the northern cruise service.

Posted by: 05 February 2014