On the 8th of April the 4th International conference “Arctic Logistics” supported by the Government of the Murmansk region will be held in Murmansk. The conference is organized by the Association of suppliers for oil-and-gas industry “Murmanshelf”; the Ministry of Transport and Road Facilities of the Murmansk region and the Committee for Industrial development and Entrepreneurship of the Murmansk region are co-organizers; information support is provided by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Murmansk region. Logistics issues in Arctic shelf exploration, aspects of the Northern Route development, Murmansk Transport hub development, investments provided for the transport infrastructure development as well as human resources and ecological safety in transpolar region are the key topics for discussion during the conference. This conference is an important industry event that attracts annually more than 140 participants representing transport and industrial companies, suppliers of services, as well as research and educational institutions, authorities. For further details please visit the web-site сайте http://www.murmanshelf-conf.ru/, and contact by phone : +7 (8152) 55-41-54, 55-41-53, 45-61-12.

Posted by: 25 February 2014