On the 25th of February in Saint-Petersburg was hold the third meeting of the working group on the interregional and cross-border cooperation of the Joint Russian-Norwegian Commission on Economic, Industrial and Research and Technology cooperation. It was hold by the Deputy Minister of the Regional Development of the Russian Federation S.Ivanova and the State Secretary of Norway E.Sulberg. Minister of the Economic Development of the Murmansk region Elena Tikhonova took part in the meeting as well. Agreements concerning expansion of the interregional and cross-border cooperation aimed at improvement crossing points “Borisoglebsk” and “Storskog”capacity and synchronization of infrastructure development in frames of Kolarctic programm as well as setting up of broadband link were established. It was agreed as well to update the Plan of Joint activities on creation of favorable conditions aimed at intensification of legislative acts, trade, economic and other conditions of cooperation and approve it in April, 2014.

Posted by: 27 February 2014