The Deputy Director of the strategic development and the state policy in the field of the regional planning Andrey Vasil’ev has pointed out that the Murmansk region is one of the most active participants that takes part in development of the Arctic state policy legislative base development. It was discussed during the meeting chaired by the Plenipotentiary of the President in the North-West Federal District Vladimir Bulavin devoted to legal and socio-economic aspects of the state policy implementation in the Arctic Zone. All the Murmansk regional municipalities were included in the Arctic zone at the Murmansk regional Government and Governor’s suggestion. Industrial facilities which activities are connected with the Arctic Zone development as well as sea ports situated on the shore of the Arctic Ocean. An additional point is that all the territory of the Murmansk region was included in the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation due to principles of the territorial integrity with the offshore zone of natural resources and the transport system. Andrey Vasil’ev has pointed out that the Murmansk Regional Government position was confirmed by legislative and strategic documents and was approved by experts.

Posted by: 07 March 2014