The exhibition will be held for the 15th time in the status of the international and cross-regional forum. The development of the ship building field, science and technologies, international cooperation and partnership in the abovementioned spheres will be under discussion during the events organised in framen of the exhibition. The conference ”International Cooperation in Fish Industry” will be devoted to discussion of the development of Russian-Norwegian cooperation in sustainable usage of the Barents Sea and the Norwegian Sea recourses. Representatives of The Association of Northern Fishery Industrialists plan to raise a question concerning improvement of fish products competitiveness on local and international markets. The exhibition starts its work on the 19th of March and lasts till the 21st of March in the Murmansk Ice Palace. Wide business programme is planned within the expo, the main events are: International conference "Fish catching in the Arctic: modern challenges, international practice, prospects"; Conference "International cooperation in fishery complex"; Seminar "Technical security means as a tool of countermeasures to terrorist attacks on the territory of extremely important objects";.

Posted by: 13 March 2014