The opening event was bright and memorable and was accompanied by flag-raising ceremony. During these days Lovozero village had become the cultural and the sport center of the Polar Region. Ski races were hold between amateur sportsmen from the whole territory of the Murmansk region. Guests could become acquainted with traditions and customs of peoples of the North: Saami and Komi. Reindeer-Breeders had shown their skills in traditional races on team reindeers. Each could try itself in Saami traditional sports. Marina Kovtun had made an emphasis that «The ancient and original Saasmi culture that is being enchased is not exotic occurrence but the life of local people of the Polar North itself». The Governor has also talked with Olga Yarovaya, the Head of the Lovozero Department of the Komi organization «Iz’vatas», that had invited Marina Kovtun to take part in Komi Culture Days that will be held in Lovozero villafe and in Murmansk in April.

Posted by: 25 March 2014