Today in Murmansk was hold the 5th Session of the Sector Councils of the Coordination Transport Meeting of CIS-countries. Security and Road Transport Councils were also hold during today. Deputy Governor of the Murmansk region Grigory Straty has pointed out in his speech that future development of the Murmansk region is closely related to infrastructure projects implementation, first of all, in the transport sphere. The main condition of the transport system development is maintenance of the passenger and cargo safety. Improvement of international road transport qualty was discussed during the Road Transport Council. “Murmansk region has good road communications with Norway and Finland. Passenger traffic increases annually. In this regard, the regional government is working on improving of the roads quality . This summer 15 km of the Salla road will be repaired. One of the most important tasks is improvement of the international road checkpoints capacity,”- said Acting Minister of Transport the Murmansk region Vitaly Osin .

Posted by: 29 May 2014