Marina Kovtun has hold a meeting with delegation of Labour Party from northern counties of Norway. “Norway is our reliable partner with whom we have traditionally long-standing relations. We are interconnected by common history, projects in economic and social sphere, active political dialogue, that we wish to prolong despite arising unfavorable conditions. Our meeting today is an example of mutual striving to cooperation”, told Marina Kovtun in her welcoming speech. She also informed that due to new regulation that was issued these days borders of regime territories for foreigners were changed. Now Norwegians could visit the monument to Norwegian Partisans situated in Mezhdurech’e village without any encumbrance. Transportation of Norwegian specialists that work in Kara Sea on “West Alfa” platform will be executed by “Borealias Transport AS” from Kirkenes to mooring “Lavna Base”.

Posted by: 04 September 2014