International Conference “BarentsVet – 2014” will be hold on the 10th-11th of September in Murmansk in the hotel «Park Inn Radisson «Polyarnye Zori» and in the Arctic exhibition center Atomic icebreaker “Lenin”.

The conference is devoted to prevention of infectious diseases of fish, rabies and diseases of reindeer in the north-western region of Russia and northern provinces of the Barents countries - Norway, Sweden and Finland. Participants will discuss the development of reindeer in cross-border regions of Russia and Finland. The conference will be attended by more than 90 veterinary experts and representatives of the research organizations from different regions of Russia (Karelia, St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, Sakhalin, Tver and Vladimir regions), as well as from Norway, Finland and Sweden. 35 reports on the most relevant topics will be presented during the conference.

Posted by: 09 September 2014