Deputy Governor of the Murmansk region, Anatoly Vekshin took part in the solemn meeting devoted to the 70th anniversary of the Nazi troops defeat in the Arctic. A solemn meeting was held at the Hill of Glory in Pechenga, and it launched the international historic-military "Victory March." More than one hundred representatives from youth organizations, military personnel, government officials and journalists from Russia and Norway take part in the international military-historic "Victory March". The route is as follows: Pechenga - state border - Tarnet - Kirkenes, - here goes the old military road that was used during the liberation of Kirkenes in October 1944. Participants of Victory March will visit the battle sites and graves, memorials to fallen soldiers, former war prisoners camps. Partly the route will be traversed on foot, partly - on military equipment units of the Northern Fleet. Meetings in different cities of Russia and Norway, military sports, concerts will be hold during the March as well.

Posted by: 18 September 2014