III Murmansk international business week (hereinafter referred to as MIBW) will be held from 17 to 21st of November 2014, its program includes several activities, directed at development of international and interregional economic cooperation, strengthening of partnership of business science, education and authorities. At the moment basic program of the business week is formed. Plenary meeting: “Following the Arctic course: vectors of regional development” will become key event of MIBW; during this event it is planned to discuss issues, directed at consolidation of efforts of the subjects of the Russian Federation concerning implementation of the Strategy of development of the Arctic zone in the Russian Federation and providing national security for the period until 2020. It is planned that representatives of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation, federal executive authorities, politicians, scientists and representatives of business of the countries of the Arctic Council. The draft version of the program MIBW is published on the web-page of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Murmansk region http://minec.gov-murman.ru/files/Proekt_Programm.pdf

Posted by: 30 September 2014