A series of bilateral negotiations within the III Murmansk International Business Week was opened by the meeting of the governor of the Murmansk region Marina Kovtun with Head Regional Council of Lapland Mika Riipi. The sides discussed prospects of cooperation, and consolidated their intentions by signing the Memorandum of Understanding "Finland is traditionally one of the five major trade partners of the Murmansk region, as the Netherlands, China, Norway and Germany. Due to the fact that we have a very extensive common state border, there are good prospects for the further successful development of cooperation ", - said the Governor. The Head of the Regional Council of Lapland Mika Riipi thanked the Governor Marina Kovtun for the opportunity to participate in activities within the III Murmansk International Business Week, and expressed a hope for further cooperation. It is planned to develop cooperation plans in various spheres: economy, environment, health, education, culture and tourism. Coordination of the further cooperation and development of cooperation plans will be carried out by the working group "Murmansk Oblast - Lapland».

Posted by: 18 November 2014