On March 18, 2015 during a working meeting the governor of Murmansk region Marina Kovtun and the Chairman of "Rosatom" Supervisory Board Boris Gryzlov discussed the prospects of the Kola region in the light of the strategic objectives for the development of Russian Arctic shelf. Marina Kovtun stressed that the country's strategic interests require the attention of the federal center to the development of Murmansk region - a unique Arctic region, which is due to its geographical location can play a crucial role in the hydrocarbon exploration of the Arctic shelf. “We are facing global challenges that we will be able to solve only with the support of the federal center. Today, with the world’s attention riveted on the Arctic, our country clearly states its strategic interests in the region, so the implementation of the Arctic projects should be frozen under no circumstances - even if the economic development is getting complicated,” - Marina Kovtun explained. One of the projects that will ensure the successful development of the Arctic shelf, in particular in terms of logistics, is the "Complex development of the Murmansk transport hub" project. During the meeting Marina Kovtun and Boris Gryzlov discussed the stages of the project in detail. Boris Gryzlov noted that due to the tasks of Arctic exploration, prospects of the Murmansk region are clearly stated. "This will be a major transport and industrial center. Last year, an expanded meeting of the Security Council was devoted to the Arctic. Specific steps are outlined - we are now building three nuclear-powered icebreakers, which will be based in Murmansk. In the future, the volume of cargo transportation will be significantly increased. The task of transportation of hydrocarbons arises. The Northern Sea Route becomes one of the most important transport routes for our country,"- Boris Gryzlov said.

Posted by: 18 March 2015