Earlier this week, Governor Marina Kovtun, invited by "Rosmorport", took part in the ceremony of launching and naming of the "Murmansk" icebreaker, which was held at the shipyard «Arctech Helsinki Shipyard», Helsinki (Finland). The delegation of the Government of the Murmansk region also included the First Deputy Governor Alexey Tyukavin and head of international cooperation department Yury Smirnov. Diesel-powered icebreaker "Murmansk" 16 MW was built up at the shipyard «Arctech Helsinki Shipyard» December 26, 2012. This ship is one of three ice-breakers, which is scheduled to be commissioned in 2015-2016 within the framework of the Federal target program "Development of transport system of Russia". The descent of ice-breaker to the water is one of the stages of construction of the vessel, and then outfitting work afloat including mooring, driving and ice tests will be held. The construction is planned to be finished by August 2015. The customer is the Federal Agency of Sea and River Transport. "Murmansk" is going to be able to operate at very low temperatures - down to minus 40С and break ice up to 1.5 meter thick. "Icebreaker gets the name of the hero-city, city-warrior and city-worker, the famous and beloved city - the capital of the Russian Arctic. And I'm sure that it is waiting for its successful fate," governor Marina Kovtun noted. New diesel-powered icebreakers will be used at the North-West Basin Branch of Rosmorport. The "Murmansk" icebreaker will be registered in the Big port St. Petersburg. Replenishment of the icebreaker fleet through the construction of new vessels is a priority to ensure year-round availability of freezing sea ports of Russia. Icebreaker type LK-16 may conduct pilotage of the vessels in the Baltic Sea and in the Arctic Ocean. The vessel is fully designed in Russia, its construction is carried out in cooperation with Vyborg Shipyard.

Posted by: 26 March 2015