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Russian Arctic to face a period of serious changes

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Russian Arctic is to face a period of serious changes, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Rogozin stated at the plenary session of the “Arctic: Today and the Future” forum being held in Saint Petersburg. “We are convinced that serious changes are coming. At least as of today the Arctic is the area of an especial mindset. The target of the changes is neither about development of the natural resources nor about militarization of the Arctic. It is about preserving people in the Arctic, creating long-term life perspectives for those living there. Our Arctic areas are the territories for living despite the fact that life is harsh in the Arctic and requires new technologies for providing comfortable life conditions,” Dmitry Rogozin noted. The President of the Russian Federation approved an initiative by the State Government to empower the “Rosatom” state corporation to provide state services in terms of the sea navigation and state property management along the Northern Sea Route under the umbrella of the State Commission on the Arctic development. According to the Russian vice-premier, development of the Northern Sea Route is a global and ambitious project. Creation of marine transport corridor with an all year round navigation along the Northern Sea Route is to contribute to strengthening of the Russia’s position in the Arctic.

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