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Governor Marina Kovtun met with winners and contestants of 4th regional championship “WorldSkills Russia” in Murmansk region

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Today the results of the 4th regional championship “WorldSkills Russia” in the Murmansk region were announced. Governor Marina Kovtun met with and winners and contestants.
“Everyone is a winner in this contest. By simply participating in this tournament you all have demonstrated that your profession is no obligation but a life-long choice and a pursuit. And when you do have one you become an adult because you gain self-respect and respect of others. This is your most important award and prize,” noted Marina Kovtun.
There were 172 contestants and more than 200 experts in the 4th regional championship “WorldSkills Russia”. The Murmansk region became the first Russian region where contest “Skills of the wise” aimed for those over 50 years old took place.
Finalists of the regional championship are to take part in the qualifying round of the 7th national championship “WorldSkills of Russia” which will take palce in Kazan in May 2019.

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