The 7th Murmansk International Business Week hosts an international session “Cooperation in the Arctic” for the first time ever. List of participants of this international session includes federal and regional officials, diplomats as well as non-governmental and business organizations representatives from Russia, the Barents region and Asia Pacific.
Speakers discuss a wide range of issues related to the international and interregional cooperation in the Arctic including specifics of cross-border projects implementation in the High North, successful cases of international interaction, impact of the Arctic and the Northern Sea Route infrastructure development on international trade, tourism, migration and the East-West transport corridor extension.
Governor Marina Kovtun in her speech mentioned that sustainable development of a border region as Murmansk oblast is unthinkable without international cooperation. Good neighbor relations in the Barents region cover almost every aspect of life from environmental protection, fishery, transport to education, health care, culture and sports.
Session takes place in connection with the 25th anniversary of the Barents cooperation. Throughout its 25-year history the Barents Euro-Arctic Council has gained a status of an efficient platform of interstate cooperation. As deputy director of the second European Department of the Russian MFA Segey Petrovich highlighted by means of BEAC a lot of practical results have been achieved. The session is being viewed by the Russian MFA as the first step towards establishing a high-profile Barents forum “Barents Davos”.
Chair of the Barents Regional Council Ragnhild Vassvik paid tribute to the involvement of the Murmansk region in promotion and preservation of the Arctic as an area of peace and cooperation.              
Posted by: 14 November 2018