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Second multiplex has been launched in the Murmansk region - 20 digital channels are available for 99% of the region's residents

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On December 25, 2018 specialists of the Murmansk radio- and TV center “RTRS” have turned on the final transmitters of the second multiplex. It means that the second multiplex has been launched completely. Now 20 digital channels are available for 99% of the Murmansk region’s residents.
Starting in 2013 “RTRS” has constructed 47 broadcast facilities in the region. Their total height is 2.5 km.  Almost a half of the population of the Murmansk region (45%) had no more than 4 TV channels before digital network. The unified information standard has made information equally available for residents of the cities and the small settlements, including remote and inaccessible areas.
Since June 3, 2019, the region will be fully shifted to digital technologies.

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