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Murmansk region is an amazing place for winter vacation

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Murmansk region is a great place for lovers of winter holidays. Tourists tend to come here for real winter fun: alpine skiing and cross-country skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling and etc.

Traditionally, the region attracts lovers of skiing. All in all there are 11 ski resorts in the Murmansk region. The alpine skiing recreational complexes include “Khibiny” tourist and recreation cluster, the “Salma” ski complex in Polyarnye Zory and centers of the south of the Kola Peninsula. The center of attraction for tourists is Kirovsk. On the territory of Kirovsk there are four ski slopes with the different difficulty levels.

In the cultural diversity of the Murmansk region a special place is occupied by the centuries old cultural traditions of the indigenous people of the Kola region (Sami). You can get in touch with the traditions of the indigenous people of the Kola Peninsula in the Lovozero district.

It is important to remember that the active winter vacationing – skiing, snowmobile tours and other require paying special attention to its organization, incl. careful selection of the equipment, internal discipline and a particular level of training.

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