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Cultural multifunctional center opened in Varzuga

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On January 1, in the historic Pomor village of Varzuga, a new rural House of Culture was opened. It is the center of attraction, a place where residents can spend leisure time, celebrate a holiday, get together to solve common problems.

In fact, this is the cultural multifunctional center where will be a library, a cafe, a center for the development of tourism in addition to the usual facilities for classes and the auditorium. The Governor of the Murmansk region Marina Kovtun visited this place and congratulated on the opening of the center.

Varzuga is the main center of the Pomor culture on the Tersky coast. Also this is the local recreation center and the base and home for the legendary Pomor choir Varzuga and the children's choir “Zhemchuzhinka”. The history of the Pomor choir dates back for more than 80 years. The song Pomor heritage is handed down from generation to generation.

“This is a worthy gift for the 600th anniversary of Varzuga and a great event not only for the village, but for the whole our region. After all, Varzuga in itself is the pearl of the Kola land. And it is even more precious, because our true northern culture, the folk song, the real Pomor antiquity lives and flourishes here. Such treasure should be protected and stored”, said Marina Kovtun.

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