On the National Sami day the Governor of the Murmansk region Marina Kovtun held a meeting with the leaders of the Sami community: representatives of the Sami Assembly, the Council of small-numbered indigenous peoples of the North representatives under the government of the Murmansk region, a member of the Barents working group of indigenous peoples.

For the Murmansk region the indigenous people, the original Sami culture, their language and way of life are a treasure that must be protected.

During the conversation the Sami of the Murmansk region shared plans for the implementation of projects which aimed at preservation and development of the Sami culture and language. For this purpose the regional government offers a system of  grant support measures for the public initiatives. “Kuvaksa” festival-acquaintance with the cultural heritage of the Sami will be held on February 9 in Loparskaya with the involvement of grant funds. There is another big and bright event ahead – the Sami music festival and festival of children’s and youth’s theatrical productions in the Sami language (Olenegorsk).
Posted by: 06 February 2019