Among the most significant moments for the Murmansk region in the context the annual Presidential address to the Federal Assembly Governor of the Murmansk region Marina Kovtun highlighted in particular the health sector with the focus on the fight against cancer.

«We participate in a national priority project «Healthcare», we have our own projects, we are waiting for federal funds, waiting for decisions», – said Marina Kovtun. At the same time, the head of the Murmansk region stressed the need for the individual approach and taking into account the regional specifics.

The Governor is confident in the relevance of the «Zemsky Uchitel» project, which will help to attract young professionals and solve the problem of aging of teaching staff. Marina Kovtun also noted that the region intends to participate in the project announced by the President to provide schools with high-speed Internet.

Speaking about the goals set by the President, Marina Kovtun stressed the need to start work on updating the regional housing and to continue the reform in the field of solid waste management.

In the Presidential Address special attention was also given to the measures of social and financial support for families with many children in need.

Posted by: 20 February 2019