The growing role of women in society and state, puzzling challenges, gender discrimination, why modern women are not in a hurry to have family and children? On those and other relevant topics a discussion took place at the plenary session of the first International Women's Forum above the Arctic circle.

The special mission of women needs special attention and support from the state, said the Governor of the Murmansk region Marina Kovtun during the discussion.

Marina Kovtun talked about the measures which have been undertaken in the Murmansk region in order to strengthen the position of women, to create opportunities for the realization of creative and business potential.

«We, women, can and should be called «fair sex», but the title of «weak sex», in my opinion, is hopelessly outdated. Sometimes we have to be manly tough, decisive and take maximum responsibility. But at the same time at our disposal are purely female qualities: patience, devotion, emotionality. Often a woman's smile, a mild word can destroy those obstacles that do not succumb to the male pressure. And under those qualities – soft, feminine power – many problems are tackled. In 2012 I became the first female Governor of the Murmansk region and the third female head of the region in the history of Russia. The female politician in Russia is still a bit of a rare bird. But I want to believe that my experience, experience of other women will influence that the success of women will cease to be something out of the ordinary», said Marina Kovtun.

The Deputy Chair of the State Duma Committee for Family, Women and Children Oksana Pushkina raised issues of financial discrimination against women and domestic violence.

The Chair of the Finnmark County Council (Norway) Ragnhild Vassvik shared experience of the development of the women's movement in Norway.
Posted by: 01 March 2019