«Today at 6.00 (16.04.2019) command-staff exercises were started on the territory of the Murmansk region with the authorities, forces and facilities of the Murmansk territorial subsystem of the Russian Emergency Response System («The Unified State System for the Prevention and Liquidation of Emergencies»). The first operational training was held at 7.00», Andrey Chibis announced at the meeting of the relevant committee. The head of the region instructed to deploy an operational emergency response headquarters and to organize its work.

The head of the Russian Emergencies Ministry department of the Murmansk region Ruslan Nazarov said that one of the key purposes of the exercises is to check the action plans aimed at prevention and liquidation of emergency situations, reliability of control systems, communications and alert in the region.

The exercise will be held from 16 to 18 April in three stages. During this period,
issues of the high-alert regime related to the possible spring flood and extinguishing forest fires should be worked out in emergency mode.
Posted by: 16 April 2019