Traditional celebration was held in the Valley of Glory dedicated to the 74th  anniversary of the Victory of the soviet people in the Great Patriotic War. The celebration was attended by war veterans and front workers, members of the Government of the Murmansk region, deputies of the Regional Duma, military commanders of the Northern fleet, representatives of local authorities, as well as veterans and search organizations, the public, residents of the Murmansk region and guests from the Russian regions.

The head of the region Andrey Chibis noted that the Kola High North is a heroic territory, where the fascist attack was defeated at cost of the feat of many thousands of people.

The participant of the Great Patriotic War and the honorary citizen of the hero city of Murmansk and the Murmansk region Lev Zhurin urged to keep sacred memory of a feat of the fallen.

At the end of the rally military units of the Northern fleet marched on a square. Then the participants of the meeting laid wreaths and flowers to the monument of the Mourning Mother and the graves of the fallen Soviet soldiers in the Valley of Glory according to tradition.
Posted by: 05 May 2019