New departments and additional reception hours are introduced in the Murmansk region as part of the plan to improve healthcare situation. The acting minister of healthcare of the region Dmitry Panychev reported about the anti-crisis plan implementation today at the operational meeting to the head of the region Andrey Chibis.

The road map provides the realization of 112 separate steps aimed at increasing the availability of the primary healthcare, ensuring the availability of emergency medical care, immidiate access of patients to specialized and high-tech care, development of palliative care, elimination of staff shortage. Dmitry Panychev said that the execution of the plan is about 25% as of today.

The regional dental clinic working hours has been prolonged up till 20.00 on weekdays.

Work is in progress to attract doctors to the region. As of today, 120 contracts have been signed with the aim of training in medical universities of St. Petersburg, Petrozavodsk and Arkhangelsk, 48 contracts – for traineeship.
Posted by: 17 June 2019