The X International habitat contact forum took place in Murmansk. The event is held every two years in the framework of the Working group on environmental protection of the Council of the Barents Euro-Arctic region (BEAC) and is a platform for discussion of relevant topics in the field of conservation of biological diversity in the Barents region.

The participants of the forum are specialists in the field of environmental protection from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia.

A plenary session was attended by the deputy Governor of the Murmansk region Evgeny Nikora and deputy minister of environment and energy of Sweden, Chairman of the Barents working group on environment Elin Kronqvist.

The focus was on the issues of habitat protection, problems of creation and assessment of the effectiveness of specially protected green areas, protection of sites of wetlands and coastal habitats, forest conservation, the green belt of the Barents region and the prospects of ecotourism.

The forum resulted in the resolution which confirms the importance of the work undertaken and the need to further consolidate efforts for conservation of biological diversity in the Barents region.

The next International habitat contact forum is planned in 2021 in the Swedish Norrbotten.
Posted by: 19 June 2019