On June 26, 2019 acting Governor of the Murmansk region Andrey Chibis partook in the State Council meeting on development of national motorway system and ensuring road safety chaired by President of Russia Vladimir Putin.
Current implementation of the Safe and Quality roads priority national project was at the top of the agenda during the meeting.
In his opening remarks Vladimir Putin noted that high-quality roads number in Russia is still insufficient, on the regional level their amount hardly reaches 50%. In order to overcome this it is required that each Russian region shall develop a specific program up till 2024. It was highlighted that new programs shall imply project implementation based on public-private partnership and life-cycle contracts.
There shall be reconstructed 64.8 km of regional roads in the Murmansk region in order to meet the national project requirements in 2019. Currently there are 6 roads under reconstruction. Deadline for all the works is September 1, 2019.
“All the required contracts within Safe and Quality roads priority national project has been concluded in 2019 in the Murmansk region. We are sure that the works will be fulfilled in time. Meeting the deadline is a key condition for us for receiving additional federal financing,” stated Andrey Chibis.
Posted by: 26 June 2019