The heat supply system will be more economical and environment-friendly in Umba. The municipality will start the upcoming heating season with the peat boiler-houses as new sources of heat supply. An investor completes the construction of three boiler-houses, fourth and last within the project will be ready by October. The total capacity will be 25.25 MW. The existing heat sources - electric and mazut fuel oil boilers will be decommissioned.

The Head of the region Andrey Chibis inspected all stages of the investment project to modernize the heat supply system in Umba in detail. Peat for boilers is produced about forty kilometers from Umba on the Katka-2 field. The investor has prepared approximately 100 ha of peat for the extraction. The necessary amount of fuel is prepared for the start of the heating season and to increase the calorific value of the boiler it is mixed with the chipped wood. According to experts, the reserves of the field will last for more than 100 years of active production.

Besides of environmental effect, the heat supply modernization project in Umba will have an economic effect. For the next eight years the regional budget will no longer subsidize local heat supply organizations. It is about saving around 100 million RUB annually.
The acting Governor Andrey Chibis emphasized that the project is fully corresponds to task of reducing mazut fuel oil dependence in the Murmansk region. Andrey Chibis noted that the project implementation mechanism is a concession agreement. Such mechanism is most effective for solving comparable infrastructure problems.
Posted by: 09 August 2019