On August 13 the nuclear icebreaker «50 Years of Victory» set off on a journey to the North Pole from the Atomflot berth in Murmansk. At this time the nuclear-powered icebreaker makes an unusual touristic and thematic voyage dedicated to the 60th Anniversary of the nuclear icebreaker fleet of Russia. There are 68 schoolchildren from 24 regions of our country, as well as a young delegate from Armenia. Among the members of the expedition are schoolchildren from the Murmansk region.

The thematic voyage was organized by the state Corporation Rosatom and Atomflot. The children represent the Rosatom School project, the Russian school movement, the educational center «Sirius» and the network of Atomic Energy Information Center. Extensive educational program, games, trainings and tournaments, Olympiad, an Arctic vision contest and communication with interesting fellow travelers including showman Valdis Pelsh, artist Elena Yakovleva, blogger Ruslan Usachev and other celebrities are on the agenda during the voyage.

Head of the region Andrey Chibis presented a flag of the Murmansk region to the schoolchildren from our region. The flag will be delivered to the North Pole with the flag of Atomflot.

The expedition will return to Murmansk on 22 August.
Posted by: 13 August 2019