The launch of production at the new “Russkaya treska” (Russian cod) fish processing plant took place on the territory of the Murmansk sea fishing port. At the same time «time capsule» was laid in the foundation of the future “Russkaya piksha” (Russian haddock) plant. The ceremony was attended by the acting Governor of the Murmansk region Andrey Chibis.

Both plants are joint ventures of the LLC Russian Fishing Company and Agama Group.

The capacity of the “Russkaya treska” (Russian cod) is more than 50 tons of finished products (frozen fillets, steaks and minced meat) per day. The plant is equipped with advanced facilities, including an innovative robotic fillet cutting line of the Icelandic company Marel.

The project was implemented within the framework of the state program to support the modernization of the fish processing industry. The company receives quotas for the production of 1600 tons of cod and 500 tons of haddock. In addition to its own quota “Russkaya treska” (Russian cod) will be supplied with raw materials for processing from the Russian Far East.

The planned turnover of the company is 2.5 billion rubles per year. Every year “Russkaya treska” (Russian cod) will allocate to the regional budget more than 40 million rubles in taxes and fees. In addition, the new plant provides more than 200 new jobs.
Posted by: 28 August 2019