Galina Kalashnikova who works at the Nanomaterials Research Centre of the Federal Research Centre “Kola Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences” has been awarded with the UNESCO grant among 6 other young chemists from around the world. The grant is to do with the research in the area of environmental protection by using green innovative technologies. The award-giving ceremony took place on November 8, 2019 at UNESCO headquarters in Paris in connection with the World Science Day.
Right after the ceremony governor Andrey Chibis congratulated Galina Kalashnikova during the telephone call. “We are proud of the fact that the scientist from the Murmansk region has been awarded with such a high-profile prize. I do hope that along with the continuation of your scientific research you will be able to partake in the creation and development of Arctic science education and research center,” noted Andrey Chibis.
Galina Kalashnikova research revolves around producing synthetic titanosilicate materials out of the end-product waste from regional ore-enrichment and metallurgical plants.    
Posted by: 08 November 2019