In order to prevent Coronavirus contagion and spread in region the whole Murmansk region has been put on high alert. It has been announced at weekly briefing in the regional Government.
Starting March 17, 2020 all public cultural events and recreational activities with more than 50 participants are to be cancelled.
It also has been reconfirmed that starting March 14, 2020 all the meetings, conferences and other events with participation of foreigners who travelled to Russia in less than 14 days from the countries with confirmed Coronavirus cases are to be cancelled.
It is highly recommended to cancel all organized adults and children group trips both to other subjects of Russia and abroad.
Two-week spring break are introduced in all school of the region starting March 17.  
It is recommended to all the residents of the Murmansk region to refrain from travelling outside the region.  
Citizens who travel back from the countries with confirmed Coronavirus cases are to contact helpline +7 (8152) 39-99-99, get registered and self-isolate (stay at home) for 14 days.
Posted by: 16 March 2020